Stand-Alone HTML5 Apps

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Stand-Alone HTML5 Apps

A few weeks ago I was challenged to find a countdown clock for the Enterprise Mobility Forum.   “No problem, this sort of thing must be common, we’ll just buy a good one.”  Hah! Fat chance!  I simply could not find a commercially available solution with the required features.   I decided to go open-source.  I knew […]

Potion 2012 Website Launched

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At last, new shoes for the cobblers children! Over the next few months we’ll be adjusting and massaging the layout and content, and maybe we’ll treat ourselves to some of the great stuff we do for our clients every day.   We’ll also be integrating other on-line applications to make it easier for clients and partners […]

SEO and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

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Quantum physicists and Search Engine Optimisation!  Huh? Okay, let’s take a couple of steps back… Werner Heisenberg in trying the explain the inexplicable phenomenon that merely observing the path of a photon  changes its behaviour.   Watch it and it does something; look away and it does something else.  This uncertainty rocked the theoretical physicists’ world.  […]

Theme my FLOSS

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FLOSS is an acronym for Free/Libre Open Source Software.  The “Libre” means free, as in feedom (Mandela), and not necessarily free, as in gratis (beer) (though it often is).  WordPress, Joomla and Drupal come to mind.    Chances are good that you’ve had a website runnning one of these apps for years, but now it’s time to […]

PYO Certificates

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PYO Certificates

A BYO Barbie is not the latest incarnation of a Mattel product, it’s a “Bring-Your-Own Barbeque”, Australia’s excuse for a convenient cheap get-together — what  South Africans call a “Bring-‘n-Braai”. BYOD is the latest buzz in mobility – Bring Your Own Data. PYO (Print-Your-Own) Certificates came about as a Potion solution for a convenient way […]

WordPress as a universal CMS

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WordPress has become the top open source CMS, not least of all because of its clean and simple back end.   More and more web content editors are asking developers to integrate WordPress managed content for display on other websites.  A company’s news page is a typical example.