What is the context of Cape Town’s design industry and its sustainability?

Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in Design Capital 2014 | No Comments

Y Tsai, an architect on the World Design Capital 2014 interim committee, says that the creative economy in London or Europe has been seen as a big income generator, as opposed to the financial and other sectors. He thinks that in Cape Town we haven’t really realised the power of that. He is part of the Cape Town Design Network and the basis of that is really to look at how the design community can actually become a melting pot. At the moment every sector is doing their own thing, and every sector has their own institute. Architects have their own Institute of Architects, but it’s very much tunnel vision, he says. He says “In South Africa’s context there are a lot of social issues, if problems can be addressed with multi-disciplinary approach, if architects can work together with, say, activists in the township, or a sewage engineer… it is happening but in terms of initiating things and creating problem solving solutions, I think from that point of view it hasn’t been happening. So this whole thing of World Design Capital is a catalyst to get that thing going. But as a design community it is very much separated into each separate discipline.